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It was an honor to work on the annual "Wishes Delivered" campaign by UPS. I consider it the highlight of my time at T3 because it enabled me to give back to others through my writing. Using my creativity as a vehicle for good is always a priority. 


UPS embarks on a bold initiative to deliver wishes to deserving people nominated by their employees every holiday season. After narrowing down thousands of submissions, our small creative team traveled across America to capture the "wishes" being delivered. We used footage of these magical moments to create a variety of heart-warming videos for social media platforms and donated money to charities each time a user shared our content to their network. 

I was one of two lead Senior Copywriters executing this large campaign. My responsibilities included identifying the wishes to pursue, devising magical ways to bring them to life, capturing the execution of the wishes in long-form copy, supporting the ACD on location during filming, writing copy for the website and much, much more.


The quickest way to gain an in-depth understanding of our "Wishes Delivered" campaign is to watch the case study video that's narrated by me. 

Wishes Delivered Website

I wrote summaries about the "wishes" we delivered for the website.

Wishes Delivered Campaign Teasers and Social Posts

The "Wishes Delivered" campaign was launched through a variety of ad formats and platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Our social media posts drove users to a website to learn more about each story. As aforementioned, we encouraged online engagement by donating $1 to charity for every share.

Animated Social Media Content

We created a variety of animated videos to celebrate employee milestones, holidays and more. 

UPS social
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Static B2B Social Media Content

I created a variety of social media content featuring case studies on small businesses that use UPS shipping products and services. 

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