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My partner and I were tasked with creating Bumble Bee Tuna's first commercial in over 30 years. The client wanted a nostalgic yet modern feel. We brought back their retro 1970s spot with a new twist. The logo character's fresh look and the revamped jingle spoke to older consumers and newer generations alike. As the lead copywriter, I wrote the script and created the new campaign tagline: "Good n' Simple." My partner and I also collaborated with a NYC music studio to produce the commercial's catchy new jam. Our commercial was accompanied by radio ads that promoted an online t-shirt giveaway. We flew to Uruguay to cast the commercial, scout locations and finally produce it. I worked closely with the director and production team to ensure our creative vision reached its full potential. 


Here's a radio spot for the retro Bumble Bee t-shirt giveaway that coincided with the release of our TV commercial. 

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