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My partner and I were tasked with showcasing IKEA's different kitchen styles in a fun, eye-catching way. This spot combines storytelling with attention-grabbing computer graphics to bring IKEA'S variety of kitchen cabinetry to life. 


I named and branded a contest where good samaritans were asked to submit proposals for a chance to win $100,000 to use towards a personal volunteer project. Users were able to watch submission videos and vote for their favorite person out of 6 finalists.

I worked on every stage of the project's development including:
- Naming and branding
- Flash banner ads
- Times Square billboard
- Marketing modules on the IKEA retail website
- Website copy
- Collaboration with the IA

This piece of work is noteworthy because it was the first time the "IKEA dude" was allowed to be his own character and step outside the instruction manuals. We created an entire world for him on the website and in flash banner ads.

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