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She speaks, eats and poops! This was a fun commercial project that challenged me to write a dialogue that feels natural with a doll's programmed sayings. It gave me the opportunity to write a lot of silly poop jokes! Luckily, one of my favorites made it in! 

Littlest Pet Shop Pursuit

I had the fun opportunity to concept and execute a game for
In the Littlest Pet Shop Pursuit, girls are tasked with finding their favorite furry friends in a maze-like playset. This project enabled me to flex my UX design skills and remember what it's like to be a kid again. 

Littlest Pet Shop Talent Show

My partner and I created a game where users are tasked with performing different “talents” to place in a competition. I worked with the tech vendors every step of the way to figure out game mechanics and add personality to the experience. This game greatly increased engagement on their website.

Equestria Girls
I also wrote all the bios for the different characters on the Hasbro Equestria Girls website.

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