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My partner and I were tasked with creating a campaign that would persuade college kids to apply for a coveted position at Ogilvy & Mather. We created a campaign called "Craftsmen of Culture." It included campus posters, stickers, emails, bags and more. It raised the number of applications by nearly 200%. The posters challenged students to think differently about culture with open-ended questions involving technology. Students' answers were used to narrow down the candidates in the application process and amplify digital buzz. 


IBM is probably one of the more difficult brands I've worked on. The client relies on a ton of internal acronyms while briefing new projects. This piece shows my background in technology writing as well as my ability to quickly grasp complex concepts and industry vernacular. It just so happens that long-form copy is a specialty of mine. 



I loved this print assignment because it gave me the opportunity to be poetic and celebrate women's bodies. Working on such an iconic brand was a huge privilege. 


This print sample showcases my experience with B2B clients in a complex technology-focused industry. I greatly enjoyed working for Siemens because I got to learn about the future of healthcare as well as take a deep dive into the concerns of hospital lab managers. 

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